Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Nid Models Confirmed!... and Space Puppies too...

So it has finally arrived! The models that tyranid players needed when the codex originally dropped. (facepalm) If only GW had the wisdom to release the models in with a well written codex they might have seen a wider range in armies used at tournaments besides MEQ or IG.

Enough ranting... Overall I am pleased with the models look and feel. Thank god the Tervigon and Tyrannofex are a dual kit. If they had released a separate kit for that I would be dissapointed. It's too bad that my conversions now finally have been replaced by licensed GW products.

The Plastic Flyrant is a great addition and a welcome one too. Sad that my Flyrant (pewter) is still in construction and is a project for the ages. With the release of the plastic kit, I am unsure whether or not my time converting a new one will be time well spent.

BONESWORD/LASHWHIP KITS! These are so late in arriving it's not even funny. I instead had to purchase an extra Venomthrope to salvage enough lashwhips for my Warriors, and the boneswords I snagged from an independent sculptor.

Lastly the plastic Swarmlord/Tyrant kit is a long time coming. That being said I am a bit disappointed with the Swarmlord model. I think that my conversion or similar conversions using the classic boneswords are better.

Anyways... anyone else have some thoughts??

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YodaKYA said...

I agree about the Swarmlord. Not big enough and look completely different than the picture in the codex which looks much better. I'm still tempted to build my own instead of using this one. May just use it for parts.