Friday, October 29, 2010

Dark Eldar Thoughts

So I played my first game against the new Dark Eldar against a VERY experienced player who wrote what he referred to as, "the unbeatable list." Here are my initial thoughts on the codex, the units, tactics, and counter-tactics.

Initial Thoughts: Dark Eldar are a beast! They have been and still continue to be the embodiment of a 'glass cannon.' They hit like a freight train but can be killed in a matter of seconds from the most humble of weapons.

Units: Their HQ's are pretty good overall. I would even venture to say probably some of the best in the game. Archons are just fantastic! The codex is full of wargear options that put Space Marines to shame! The wargear allows players to customize their Archons to do exactly the kind of combat they want. The Shadow Field is back (2+ invulnerable save), Clone Field, Agonizers, Husk Blades (Power Weapon that causes instant death...... I hate this thing), Webway portals, etc. The other two options for HQ's aren't ask good by a long shot. They have a HQ version of a Wych that has terrible wargear options in comparison for more points.... They also have a HQ Homunculus (spelling) that can be very useful in providing a unit with free pain tokens to start the game.

Their troop section is soooo easy but soooo good; Wychs & Warriors. Warriors are better now that they have poisoned guns, and Wychs put my Genestealers to shame in CC.

Elites: Incubi are fantastic with some new rules that make them even more nasty. I always have referred to them as Striking Banshees due to their mix of both good benefits that the two Craftworld Aspect warriors provide. Wryack's = Troop version of a Grotesque from 3rd edition. Basically a T 4 Dark Eldar with a pain token already. Super Warriors = Basically these guys are Kalabite Warriors with more weapon options, a higher leadership and more attacks. Watch out for small squads of 5 in a Venom armed with 4 blasters! Think of a Fire Dragon squad... that is what they can do. Super Wychs = same as Wyches with more wargear, more attacks, higher leadership, etc. Mandrakes = Dark Eldar mini Lictors.

Fast Attack: Ravagers = PWNAGE! Same stat line and weapon upgrades from 3rd but with a new rule.... They can move Crusing speed (12") and still fire ALL guns! Hellions = super fast warrior equivalents with a few more attack and some additional firepower. Jetbikes = super speed!!! They can turboboost 36"!!!! Scourges = mobile firepower in the form of a slightly better armored warrior.

Heavy Support = Talos = same as before with more options. Mini-Talos = a more gun oriented version of the Talos. Nightwing Fighter = 1 turn wonder for 110 points. Deathstrike Bomber = imagine a mix between a Nightwing Fighter, with a bomb for every enemy type. Grotesques = Str 5 T 5 W 3 with a pain token.... pretty nasty.... especially since they are only 35 points a piece.

Transports: Raiders = same as before with MORE upgrades (about 20 vehicle upgrades). Venoms = Imagine an Eldar Vyper with their gun turret removed and a platform behind that can transport 5 guys. Oh and it is better armed than a Vyper..... for only about 70 points..... (Sorry B).

The game we ended up playing was Annihilation with Dawn of War setup. My list I tailored to fight DE and initially I thought I would get completely destroyed after Turn 1. However that didn't exactly happen. I ended up staying alive and forcing a draw.

Dark Eldar tactics are thus... 1) Get first turn, 2) Destroy as much on the table as possible by either popping transports/tanks/heavy weapon teams, and then 3) fly around your enemy and blast them to death with a little CC action now and then.

Dark Eldar are fast! Believe me reading the rules is one thing but then seeing them in action is quite another... It is very disheartening when in 1 turn your opponent can have his ENTIRE force already assaulting your army or in rapid fire range. Dark Lances combined with Splinter weapons are the best for all enemies.... Lances for the armor and heavy infantry and Splinter weapons for everything else! For christsake they can upgrade their Raiders to move an additional 2D6" for a total of up to 36" in 1 turn AND they can still assault......

With that being said don't be disheartened when a quarter of your army is smashed in 1 turn. Follow these basic tactics to crush them. 1) Put everything you can into cover or provide a cover save to them... This not only can save your infantry or vehicles from the 1st turn massacre but can protect yourself from possible 1st turn assaults as well. 2) Shoot down the transports and then mop up the squads. I had 2 units of Hive Guard destroy 2 Raiders sometimes, just 1 a turn and by doing this it is quite easy to kill Dark Eldar. If their mobility is gone they are as weak as Tyranid gaunts for 2 or 3 times the point cost. 3) Shoot them! Any gun can kill a Dark Eldar and fast! Make sure to have target priority when facing the Dark Eldar. Hit particular targets and wipe them from the board before moving on. Blast & template weapons work wonders!

Overall the codex is very good! Lots of good units, with awesome rules and for once it isn't a Space Marine codex. I am excited to see the first well written and designed/balanced codex to come from GW in years!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tyranid Tactica - Coming Soon

So I have noticed that there has been A LOT of players pissed off about the Tyranid codex and the changes that it brought to the 40k game. I admit there are flaws that I am surprised made it through play testing, but still I am not one to just throw the bugs down and walk away to another army. Especially with the new Dark Eldar coming out and having played a game against them I thought it would be best to silence those who think that 'Nids are effectively dead as an army both casually and in the tournament scene.

I have decided that due to all the upset players, whining kids, and critical tourney players that they need to have something to read that basically slaps them in the face and says, "you have no idea just how effective this army can be."

Therefore I will develop a Tyranid tactic guide as well as counter's for opposing armies to silence the whining babble of kids that don't have "I win" buttons hidden within their Tyranid battle force boxes.

This guide will be soooo awesome that soon more people might decide to pick up their bugs again!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This is what I've been working on this past month....

In case you didn't notice I'm stoked about the new Tron Legacy movie coming out (I just hope it doesn't suck!). Lightcycles, identity discs and DAFT PUNK (they did the soundtrack!)! Since there aren't any costumes around I had to make my own. So enjoy the next new Tron Guy!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Name the Hive Fleet!!

So I haven't officially named my 'Nids yet as far as what Hive Fleet they are referred to by the Imperium. Any suggestions?? I am trying to come up with something that is similar to the rest of the fleets in so far as to name them after mythological beasts/creatures from ancient cultures. I have always personally called my 'Nids, Hive Fleet Apophis but apparently after this recent codex that fleet has already been taken and the scheme is radically different from how mine are colored.

Soooo... here is the challenge.

Whoever submits the coolest entry for a Hive Fleet name will get a small but cool prize (converted miniature of your choice)!

Let the competition begin!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Kung Fu Banner

You may have noticed the banner. I'm going to say, right now, that one of us needs a figure with an afro. Otherwise Bob Ross is going to show up everywhere. That and I had a stunning realization about a lack of representation in the wargaming world. Now, granted, you have green-skinned orcs and a plethora of different 'races' of beings but let's be honest: how many of those figures aren't white and of the women, how many are Sexpun T'come characters?

Right, so originally I just wanted to talk about the wacky banner but somehow talking about afro haircuts really made me realize the above. So let's focus:

  1. I like how the banner turned out, for a crappy photoshop job. If you don't like the quotes or have some other images you want to put in there let me know and I can edit a new one.
  2. If I'm really that concerned about a "all-white" wargaming world, what do I intend to do about it? Well... I could paint my high elves as a mix. That doesn't help the utter lack of female models but it could be a start.
  3. Also, Garrett, I adjusted your swarmlord's upper right hand its blade wouldn't cover Mr. Ross' face. Sorry.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dark Eldar up for Advance Order

The new kits that we have seen over the past few weeks are now available for advance order. I have to say I have read over some of the leaked stat lines and rules for Dark Eldar and as a Tyranid player I am utterly screwed. The DE army is loaded with hundreds of poison guns that will make my big bigs nothing but red mist, their are rules that the entire army will get bonuses for each enemy unit it completely destroys (1 unit killed = Feel no Pain, 2 units killed = Furious Charge, 3 units killed = fearless).... If that wasn't enough some of the special rules for their CC units (Incubi, Mandrakes and in particular Wyches) are utterly devastating.

Genestealers have been dethroned as thee uber CC troop in the game now. With the abilities listed above pumping up the entire army it is easy for them to focus their firepower and amp up their power even before they jump into assault. Wyches are similar in stat lines but have some nasty abilities (+4 Inv in CC, multiple attacks, and ridiculous wargear options). Combat drugs are now army wide and one roll is made for all units with the ability. Incubi are basically a mix between a Howling Banshee and a Striking Scorpion with the benefits of both (Str 4 power weapons, high Init., high WS, 3+ armor save, weapons can grant extra attacks on 6's to wound).

I must say this army just looks awesome!!! The models and everything are well done to the extreme. Just look at the Mandrake models (like a WoW Demon Hunter/Illidan).

As much as I love the looks of these kits I think I will wait and not start another army with the DE. I will wait patiently and see when the next Eldar or Tau codex hits the streets.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Path of the Warrior/Weekly update

So I haven't had much time to do any hobby related painting this week due to a busy work schedule as well as starting to get things organized for the future wedding. However I have done the following...

1) I have painted up around 20 LOTR figures including, Eomer, 3 Royal Guard, 6 Riders of Rohan, and 8-12 Gondorian Rangers. They look pretty good... pics to follow when I can.

2) I bought and finished reading "The Path of the Warrior," by Gav Thorpe. Let me tell you I have a greater respect for Eldar and still find their culture/backstory extremely fasinating. I probably will have to start an Eldar army as my second army now due to this book. If I do I forsee lots of Eldar on foot with tons of Aspect Warriors. B you really should give this book a read. I will get it to you ASAP.

My plans will be to continue painting some LOTR figures since I am in the groove and have a solid scheme that I can follow with them. My goal is to get the majority of my Rohan cavalry finished, as well as some more hero characters then move to the Rohan foot soldiers. If I can paint 2/3 of my LOTR colleciton I will be satisfied to move back to 40k to paint my Gargs, Termagaunts, and Swarmlord.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

What the Cryx?

I might have done something bad. I'm not entirely sure yet. What I do know is this:

Deathripper Bonejack
Defiler Bonejack with sign pointing to the Caspia (the Cygnarian Capital)

Warwitch Deneghra

Slayer Helljack

Cobblestone base

I know what you're thinking: "What have you done, you fool?!"

At first I would have agreed with you. Initially buying the Cryx Starter Box was on a whim. I've always eyed the Warmachine game by Privateer Press. People have always been talking about it and then a friend mentioned he had Cygnar models and then suddenly I was at the War Store ordering the Starter Box, Rulebook, and the Cryx rulebook.

Maybe I got a little carried away. Once everything came in the mail I sort of sat there wondering what I had done. Then, swallowing hard, I opened the box and looked at the models. 'Where's the spru?' I thought to myself. Each model was individually wrapped and ready to assemble with a minimum of flock to clean up. A large color fold-out page with the basic rules and the stats for all the other faction starters was included. Everything I needed to play the game was in the box. All I needed was an opponent.

The bases are unique, the inner circle is slightly lower than the edge so you have a natural barrier to tell where the edge of the base is and a spot to make a neat base without disrupting the base itself. Naturally I took the massive collection of Games Workshop spru and made cobblestone then added sand in between the blocks. For Deneghra I added a couple of straws for pipes and a rickety little causeway. Turned out pretty well but the pictures above are crap.

The models themselves are smaller than I originally thought they would be. Deneghra is the only 'human' sized thing and she is roughly the height of a Games Workshop figure but her pose is pretty dynamic. The bonejacks (the little ones) are merely heads, torsos, and legs so there isn't much in the way of assembly. The Slayer had shoulders and forearms to make more interesting poses. They are big but not big like GW models are big. However these 'jacks are weird fusions of magic and technology [read: thermapunk aka steampunk].

The game itself is a strange because it really breaks away from the way GW works. Primarily because your turn involves using one unit at a time rather than a movement, magic, shooting, close combat phase on each turn. I suppose I could go in-depth with the differences but I haven't even played a game yet.

Either way I love the models and I enjoyed spending today putting them together and their bases (which took the majority of the time). It was a breath of fresh air doing something different.